Robinson, McNabb, Morninwheg, Forward Thinking, and Self-Destructive Tendencies at Syracuse

Syracuse's ongoing status as Big East doormat is a foregone conclusion, and with the assumption of another 2-10 debacle follows the logical conclusion that Greg Robinson is the coaching equivalent of a dead man walking. It's something of a miracle he's made it as far as he has -- 'Cuse was a regular winner under Paul Pasqualoni, actually shared the Big East title before it fired Pasqualoni following a 6-6 finish in 2004, and had the strongest historical record of any of the teams remaining in the conference after Miami and Virginia Tech defected to the ACC; from there, Robinson's teams are 2-19 in conference games with an average deficit of 17.5 points. Most schools would cut their losses on the heels of the worst three-year stretch in program history, but Robinson's going to get one more chance to turn the thing around. The Orange finish the season at Cincinnati on Nov. 29; G-Rob will be gone by December.

So inevitable is his termination that the speculation is already swirling over Robinson's successor, according to Tom Dienhart, who has little birds telling him Donovan McNabb will have a say in SU's next hire. Is McNabb a qualified consultant for a major college coaching search? Given Cuse's sorry record since he graduated in 1999, yes, yes he is, in that any association with the Face of the Program at this point can only be a net positive -- McNabb may not be a master negotiator or evaluator of managerial talent, necessarily, but from rock bottom, anything short of "total flaming disaster" is a good result. Whatever you think of McNabb's career as a pro quarterback/soup spokesman, it hasn't been that.

Except that, well, McNabb, like most people charged with suggesting candidates for jobs, is apt to endorse the people he knows. And the people he knows...let's just say they're, uh, questionable decisionmakers:

There seems to be no doubt that if Syracuse parts ways with coach Greg Robinson, the school will pick a coach with an offensive background. Figuring that, expect McNabb to make a push for Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.
(Emphasis added)

If this is true, I imagine the SU administration only sleeps at night after lashing one another 40 times with a bone-tipped cat o' nine tails. Have you learned nothing from your past mistakes, Syracuse? Have you not resolved to resist the siren call of the NFL? Has not one coordinator retread wreaked havoc enough? Remember: you have four months to consider your options in this crucial decision. Make them count.

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