Rich Rod leaves another school holding the NCAA sanction bag

Rich Rodriguez has left another school paying for his mistakes after the NCAA found him guilty of failing to monitor compliance with NCAA legislation while at West Virginia.

Rodriguez, who coached WVU from 2001-07, was not penalized, but West Virginia self imposed a two-year probation and took away two scholarships for 2010-11 and one scholarship for 2011-12. West Virginia's sanctions also stemmed from mistakes former coach Bill Stewart made during his tenure.

Overall, both Rodriguez and Stewart exceeded the permissible limit of coaches and staff members engaged in on- and off-field coaching activities. The findings were discussed at a summary disposition and both Rodriguez and Stewart signed off on the facts of the case.

While the coach of Michigan in 2009, Rodriguez was initially charged with failing to promote an atmosphere of compliance in the program, but the NCAA ultimately reduced the charge to a failure to monitor the details. Rodriguez was not penalized, but the school self imposed a loss of 130 hours of practice time during the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

Rodriguez recently signed on to be an analyst for CBS Sports Network after his firing from Michigan in January. While he's not under official NCAA punishment, big brother is still watching him closely and will monitor him if he coaches another team.

"Although the committee did not impose sanctions upon you," the NCAA stated in its letter to Rodriguez, "your involvement in these violations will be available for review by any member institution ..."

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