Report: UCF will pay former coach George O'Leary $200k till March 2020

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Former UCF coach George O’Leary will remain on the Knights’ payroll as a “Special Liaison to the Director of Athletics on Football Operations” and earn an annual salary of at least $200,000.

O’Leary resigned as the school’s head coach on Sunday after the Knights started the year 0-8.

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According to USA Today, an amendment was added to O’Leary’s contract in April 2014 that allowed O’Leary to remain on the payroll until March 15, 2020. O’Leary’s liaison role requires him to work no more than 12 hours with the athletic department in any one year.

“Following the Fiesta Bowl victory, UCF agreed to this provision in recognition of the accomplishments of the football program throughout Coach O’Leary’s career, both on the field and in the classroom,” Grant J. Heston, UCF’s vice president for communications and marketing, said in a statement.

O’Leary could have earned up to $235,000 a year until 2020 had he stayed on as interim athletic director. However, since he resigned that post Oct. 12, that number I adjusted downward.

UCF could not provide an exact figure for O’Leary’s salary going forward, but did say it would not be less than $200,000.

O’Leary had coached UCF since 2004 and was 81-68 with the Knights. In 2013, he led them to a Fiesta Bowl appearance.

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