BCS Champion Florida State reportedly unlikely to visit White House

BCS Champion Florida State reportedly unlikely to visit White House

It has long been a tradition in college football for the winner of the national championship to pay a visit to the White House to be honored by the President of the United States. Unfortunately for Florida State, it looks like that trip will not happen.

Florida State and the White House have struggled to find a date where both parties are available.

“We’re trying. It looks like it’s going to be hard because all the pro players are going and coaches are going on vacation,” FSU coach Jimbo Fisher told the Orlando Sentinel. “We’ve tried to give them a thousand dates, but we couldn’t get it worked out.”

Fisher was able to speak with the president in January after the Seminoles knocked off Auburn on a last-second touchdown pass from Jameis Winston to Kelvin Benjamin, but it looks like that’s all the presidential contact Fisher will have. Warchant.com said the White House didn't immediately respond to a request for comment about the scheduling difficulties.

It is common for championship teams in all sports to make a trip to the White House. The Sentinel points out that both the men’s and women’s basketball teams from the University of Connecticut were able to visit the White House in June after winning it all in April.

Additionally nine of the last 10 teams to win college football’s national championship have been able to make their trip to Washington D.C. by March. Auburn’s 2010 team made the trip on June 8.

It has been over five months since the Seminoles’ triumph, and with the season under three months away, the Seminoles are running out of time.

Hopefully they can eventually make the trip.

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