Reggie Bush (finally) returns his vacated Heisman Trophy

After more than a year of debate regarding Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy, the bronze statue has finally made it's way back to the Heisman Trophy Trust.

"The Heisman Trust has it in their possession," said Tim Henning, a spokesman for the Trust.

Bush was forced to return the trophy after an NCAA investigation revealed that he had received improper benefits while at USC. The award was vacated in 2010 and USC returned its version of the trophy. But Bush had a little trouble getting his back to New York.

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Initially, everyone thought the trophy had been returned when Bush forfeited his title as a Heisman winner (not like he had a choice) in 2010. But last June, the Dan Patrick Show found out the Trophy had never been returned and that Bush had no plans to do so. A couple days later, the Trophy mysteriously showed up in a back room in the San Diego Hall of Champions. There were conflicting reports as to whether the Hall of Champions sent the trophy back or whether Bush's dad came in and took it, but either way, this was last June and no one had heard a peep about the trophy since.

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Until now.

Bush told the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday he personally sent the Heisman Trophy Trust the trophy and was done with it.


At least now the Trust has a couple extra trophies in case another one happens to go missing.

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