Recruit Matt Sokol receives a handwritten note from Michigan State coaches after his commitment

This offseason – or recruiting season, if you will – we’ve seen coaches from various schools (mostly Mississippi State) send recruits ridiculous letters in an attempt to get them to commit to their program.

That’s why it gives us great pleasure to highlight Michigan State, which celebrated in-state tight end recruit Mike Sokol for giving his verbal pledge to the Spartans in a normal manner.

There was no ridiculous propaganda, no offers or Swag soda or calling the kid a "Baller," just simple expressions of excitement in a handwritten note from several of the coaches.

"We are now a better team." — linebackers/special teams coordinator Mike Tressel.

"Welcome Matt - We have great things in front of us here.” — offensive coordinator/running backs coach Dave Warner.

It’s always nice to see a team do something nice for a recruit even if that recruit hasn’t officially signed yet and could still be poached by Urban Meyer at Ohio State.

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