Recruit with Auburn tattoo decommits from Auburn

Dr. Saturday

A rule of thumb for every recruit who commits to a college should be, wait on that tattoo of your college choice until you've played a few downs, or at the very least enrolled.

Five-star linebacker Reuben Foster decommitted to Auburn, as many outlets including reported. That's usually not a big deal (Auburn fans can feel free to disagree, of course). Players change commitments before signing day all the time, especially when there's a coaching change. But very few have a permanent homage on their body to the school they said they would go to.

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Foster has a large Auburn tattoo on his forearm. He got it after switching his choice from Alabama to Auburn (so shouldn't he have known better than to go get this tattoo?).

Now he probably will end up at another school and have oversized Auburn ink on his arm. That's not some subtle tattoo that can't be seen in normal interactions. Foster can't wear long-sleeved shirts every day through college. Maybe he can turn that AU into a Georgia "G" or have someone work it into a LSU logo.

But, Foster went on Twitter to explain that he wasn't getting rid of the tattoo, and had a good reason for it:

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