Nick Saban photobombs a graduating Alabama student (Photo)

This past weekend, a photo of Nick Saban photobombing an Alabama student during his graduation appeared on the Internet much to the delight of everyone who loves to see Saban act un-Saban-like.

Unfortunately, in this day and age with many young folks knowing their way around the Adobe Suite, we were skeptical, which is why we did some checking before posting it on the site.

Turns out, according to Alabama media relations, this is a real photo of Saban actually photobombing some poor grad's self-portrait.

Well done, Nick.

Apparently, Saban's daughter was graduating at the same time and place as Bradley Harris, the young man who appears in the shot.

Gotta admit, there was a high level of skepticism when we first saw this photo. That skepticism was heightened when, after a photo search of Saban, we found him wearing the exact same suit combination during the 2010 Alabama spring game. Coincidence? Maybe. He could have stashed this suit in his closet to pull out just for this graduation. Sure. Though, three years is a long time to hold on to a jacket that ugly.

Also, we all know Nick Saban is the hater of all things fun.

Who knows if Saban even knew he was photbombing or if he even knows what photobombing is. Still, this is a classic photo that should be treasured for years to come.

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