Rapper Drake wears a T-shirt with Johnny Manziel's face on it as their relationship gets weirder

We all know former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel and rapper Drake share a special relationship. They hang out, Manziel consults the world-famous rapper for advice, Drake wear Manziel’s A&M jersey and has called the two “a duo.”

But pictures that surfaced Sunday of Drake wearing a T-shirt with Manziel’s face on it have crossed over from the two being buddies to Drake getting just a little strange with his Manziel infatuation.

The shirt has a photo of Manziel being kissed on the cheek by two girls at the same time. The photo was taken during spring break last year and made the Internet rounds pretty quickly.

While it’s one of the more iconic moments of Manziel’s off-field life, it’s weird to make a T-shirt out of it. I get the idea – Manziel is such a baller that he can get two girls. Yeah, but does that deserve a T-shirt? Think Drake printed the photo onto transfer paper and ironed it on the T-shirt himself?

There’s no doubt Drake has a man crush on Manziel. From the gushing interviews to the Instagram photos of his whole crew wearing Manziel jerseys to this homemade shirt.

At first, the adoration and support of Manziel was kinda cool. Now, it’s borderline creepy.

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