rapper Drake rocks a Johnny Manziel jersey while watching Manziel play (Photo)

We knew from past interviews that rapper Drake and Texas A&M quarterback Drake we’re good buddies, but this picture proves just how good.

Yes, that’s a picture of Drake reppin' a Manziel jersey while watching Manziel on TV. Drake posted it on his Instagram account during the game against Ole Miss. Gotta say, it’s one thing to be friends with Drake, which Manziel is, but it’s another for Drake to be one of your biggest fans.

Drake said in an interview with ESPN’s First Take that he has the Texas A&M app on his phone and follows all of Manziel’s games. It’s neat to see that that wasn’t just lip service; that he really is a big fan.

And by virtue of this picture – and the millions of Drake fans seeing it – I’m sure there will be a spike in the sale Manziel apparel from here on out.

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