It is rap video season already? Georgia releases ‘Dawg Bite’ as its new anthem.

Last Friday, Georgia released an autotune rap video for the annual G-Day game.

While many people apparently missed the initial video release, it has made the rounds Tuesday much to the embarrassment of Bulldog fans and the delight of pretty much everyone else.

The video features David Richt, coach Mark Richt’s son, who is an aspiring musician. Unfortunately, the autotune masks any talent he might actually have. But we were able to track down some actual footage of David Richt in musical action. Not bad.

However, this video is, well, a sight to behold and we’ll let you decide if that’s a good or bad thing. We do know that it follows a long — long — list of SEC theme songs that have been mercilessly mocked over the years.

But one of the perks of having the coach’s son sing the song is Richt actually appearing and dancing in the video. That alone is worth a peek.

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H/T Big Lead Sports for the initial find

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