Random offseason tweet of the day: Jared Lorenzen comments about the NCAA's unlimited food ruling

 Jared Lorenzen

With real games still months away, coaches and players will be tweeting about non-football-related things as the season approaches. In this space, we'll try to find the funniest and goofiest tweets of the day. If you see something, don't hesitate to send it to us.

How much bigger could the Hefty Lefty have been if he was in school now?

Former Kentucky quarterback Jared Lorenzen cracked a joke about his weight Tuesday evening after the NCAA's decision to allow unlimited meals and snacks for athletes. Lorenzen was listed at 6-4, 260 when he played quarterback at Kentucky from 1999-2003, but he might have played at closer to 300 pounds.

Now 33, Lorenzen has gotten heftier after his brief NFL career, but he made a comeback to competitive football earlier in 2014. He played quarterback for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters of the Continental Indoor Football League in February at a listed weight of 320 pounds. However, his comeback was a short one after he suffered a broken leg.

Because of his stature, Lorenzen developed somewhat of a cult following in his years at Kentucky and in the NFL. If you're looking for a college sequel to Lorenzen, there may be one in the SEC.

Jeremy Liggins enrolled at Ole Miss this spring after spending time at Northeast Mississippi Community College. Listed at 6-3, 296 on Ole Miss's roster, Liggins is officially classified as an athlete. However, he played both quarterback and defensive end in junior college and has gotten reps at quarterback for the Rebels. While Bo Wallace is the incumbent starter, we could see Liggins in a short-yardage role in 2014.

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