Rainey reports BCS ring stolen from Gainesville home

Gainesville pawnshops and eBay will be on high alert this week as they watch for a 2008 Florida national championship ring to emerge.

The ring was stolen from Florida running back Chris Rainey, whose home, which he shares with cornerback Moses Jenkins, was ransacked Sunday morning. The burglar also took 10 pairs of Jenkins' shoes, a Gucci duffel bag, a television and a Sony PlayStation.

According to the Gainesville Sun, a girlfriend reported the robbery after seeing the back door of the house had been kicked in.

The players believe their house was not a random hit and that the ring and several other items were targeted.

If the ring was targeted, there aren't going to be many places the thief can sell it, especially with all the press the robbery has generated.

The Gainesville police are encouraging anyone with knowledge of the robbery to call them or Crime Stoppers.