Punches thrown in Ole Miss-Memphis fight, kicker ejected (Video)

Punches thrown in Ole Miss-Memphis fight, kicker ejected (Video)

Fights happen in college football games from time to time, but ordinarily they do not involve a kicker.

Someone forgot to tell Ole Miss’ Gary Wunderlich.

The freshman from Memphis was in the middle of things when the Rebels got into a bit of a fracas with Wunderlich’s hometown school – the Memphis Tigers – following a kickoff in the first quarter Saturday night.

As you can see in the video, Memphis’ Joe Craig was brought down on his return, but he was unsure if his knee actually touched the turf so he kept playing. With it not immediately known if Craig was ruled down, Ole Miss’ Keith Lewis slammed Craig to the turf.

Understandably, Craig was not too happy about it and it didn’t take long for players from both sides to mix things up. There were some punches thrown and the refs threw plenty of flags.

When all was said and done, it was Wunderlich (No. 97) of all people who was ejected. It didn’t really look like he did much to warrant the decision from the refs, but it will be way cooler if he tells friends and family that he was right in the thick of things.

After the dust from the fight cleared, Ole Miss won 24-3 to improve to 4-0.

(H/T to Saturday Down South for the video)

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