Prince Shembo says he was the Notre Dame player in Lizzy Seeberg investigation

Former Notre Dame LB Prince Shembo said he was the Notre Dame football player investigated for the alleged sexual battery of Lizzy Seeberg and denied the accusations.

Seeberg, a student at St. Mary's College, reported an alleged incident with a Notre Dame football player in his room on Aug. 31, 2010. In the days afterwards, Seeberg received a text message warning her not to mess with Notre Dame football.

On Sept. 10, 2010, Seeberg was found unconscious in her dorm room after missing a session with her counselor and died a short time later. She overdosed on prescription drugs.

Shembo was not charged and said he was clearing his name with NFL teams interviewing him at the NFL combine.

From the Chicago Tribune:

"Yes, I wanted to talk about it, but they had to keep everything confidential," Shembo told Blue and Gold Illustrated, which is not affiliated with Notre Dame. "Now that I'm out (of school), I can talk about it. My name was going to flames and it just made my name look bad and I can't even speak."

Shembo said several NFL teams have inquired about his involvement in the case and he said he has not shied away from answering their questions.

"I have nothing to hide," Shembo told Blue and Gold Illustrated.

In November of that year, the Tribune reported Seeberg reported the incident the following day to Notre Dame police. However, when the report came out, the incident had not been reported to county police.

According to the Tribune, a "source said that (Seeberg's) allegations did not describe penetration, but a sexual attack that ended when there was a knock on the door."

After the November story, the county prosecutor conducted an investigation and in Dec. 2010, declined to press charges, saying that Seeberg's testimony would be inadmissible along with a lack of evidence.

Shembo had 46 tackles and five sacks in 2013.

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