Big 5 pass cost of attendance increase

One of the big things Power Five conferences wanted to get accomplished with its new autonomy happened easily on Saturday.

In a 79-1 vote, the schools (and athletes) in the Power Five conferences – ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC – passed full cost of attendance scholarships. That means that schools can not only provide the cost of a scholarship to athletes, but also additional funds to cover other expenses. Cost of attendance varies among schools.

Boston College was the lone no vote. The Power Five conferences (and Notre Dame) make up 65 schools and 15 athletes were made delegates to bring the voting bloc to 80.

Guaranteed four-year scholarships were also voted on, and they too passed. From the AP:

And for the first time in NCAA Division I history student-athletes were involved in the voting process, making up 15 of the 80 total delegates. They provided some of the most spirited debate during the discussion forum when a proposal to guarantee four-year scholarships that cannot be revoked because of athletic performance was introduced. That proposal passed, but five athletes voted against it.

''We literally walked in here with a vote that was equal to the president of the school, that was equal to the compliance director, that was equal to the guy with 17 degrees,'' Oklahoma football player Ty Darlington said. ''That may seem ludicrous to some people but I think it's important because we're the ones that are going through the experience.''

The new autonomy process means the Power Five conferences can make their own rules without the voting approval of the other Division I conferences. Voting approval is required from three of five conferences and 60 percent of the schools. A simple majority vote can also pass a measure if four of the conferences vote yes.

The measures approved Saturday go into effect in August.

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