Politics are about to ruin your college football Saturdays

Saturdays are no longer just for arguing about sports; now fans can verbally beat each other up about their politics, too.

It's like the best of both worlds.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that ESPN, in a ridiculously sad and slimy money grab, has sold ad time during college and pro football games to political campaigns. The ads will run during the first half of the college football season — the time right before the election.

Hooray for the think tank that came up with combining the two things people are most (violently) passionate about - sports and politics. Nothing could possibly go wrong with this idea.

ESPN has come up with a way to sell a bigger portion of its ad time to political campaigns. The sports network has struck a deal with a middleman that will result in more political ads appearing on ESPN programs, including NFL and college football games, in October and November—the critical period before the general election.

There is "great demand" for ad time from "political parties and the super-PACs," said Ed Erhardt, ESPN's president of global customer marketing and sales.

As if college football needed any more controversy. As if all the political yammering about a playoff versus the BCS wasn't enough. Wasn't there a big to-do about keeping government out of college football?

Can't think of anything better than sitting in a sports bar, enjoying my favorite brew (not that I drink on the job), watching my favorite rivalry game and hearing two dolts getting into it over some random construction worker on the television talking about how his life is worse because of candidate X or Y.

You know it's going to happen. And even though it's only for a couple months, Saturdays have officially been ruined.

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