Police say Michigan WR Csont'e York allegedly punched man outside bar

Nick Bromberg
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Ann Arbor police say that suspended sophomore Michigan WR Csont'e York punched a man outside of a bar on July 18.

The Detroit News obtained a copy of the police report and a surveillance video that police say is York punching the man. Details of three assault charges against York were given over the weekend but no specific reason had been provided. York was suspended at the beginning of August.

Michigan WR Da'Mario Jones is listed as being with York in the police report but he has not been charged with a crime. York is alleged to have punched John Lavoie-Mayer.

From the Detroit News:

John Lavoie-Mayer was struck by York – the incident was captured on video outside the bar – and his mother told police her son suffered a broken jaw in three places, required plates to repair it, and the jaw was wired. He will require follow-up medical care every two weeks for several weeks, she said.

According to officer David Monroe's follow-up report describing what he saw on the video, he said it appears York was unprovoked before striking Lavoie-Mayer.

"With Mayer either looking forward or possibly slightly away from York, when York uses his right fist, punching in a westward direction, striking Lavoie-Mayer on the left side of his head," Monroe wrote.

York told police that he was elbowed by someone and told the person to "chill out" before he delivered the punch. A witness said Lavoie-Meyer and his friend were arguing about sports while Jones said a man made a comment about how Jones and York were really tough and got in their face. Jones also said he was afraid of being hit.

A true freshman last season, York played in one game. When his suspension was announced, Michigan coach Brady Hoke said he was suspended indefinitely.

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