Police looking for those who rioted in East Lansing following Michigan State’s win

Following Michigan State’s upset of Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship on Saturday, Spartans fans took to the streets of East Lansing and decided it was a good idea to riot.

Fires were started, cars were overturned, couches burned and several arrests were made in the wee hours of Sunday morning. No one was injured.

Police are looking for anyone to identify people in various photographs (and possibly in the above video) to help with more arrests.

“If you burn a couch, if you break the law ... you are not one of us,” said Scott Westerman, executive director of the MSU Alumni Association told the Detroit News.

According to the paper:

An estimated 2,000 people gathered near Cedar Village apartments across from the MSU campus, a traditional hotspot of large-scale celebratory partying. Revelers ripped landscaping trees from near the complex to feed a huge bonfire.

Revelers tossed anything that could burn into the bonfires, including a bicycle, plastic basketball hoop base and kitchen fire extinguishers.

Participants and onlookers dubbed the revelry the #RoseBowlRiot on social media. By 2:30 a.m., participants were reporting on social media that police had begun using tear gas and had made arrests.

The No. 10 Spartans defeated No. 2 Ohio State to secure their first Rose Bowl berth since 1988. The Spartans also denied the Buckeyes a chance to play in the BCS National Championship. Michigan State will play Stanford in the Rose Bowl and Ohio State will face Clemson in the Orange Bowl.

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