Police found a loaded gun, bullets and drug paraphernalia in a Maryland running back's dorm room last year

Police found a loaded gun, bullets and drug paraphernalia in a Maryland running back's dorm room last year
Police found a loaded gun, bullets and drug paraphernalia in a Maryland running back's dorm room last year

When University of Maryland running back Wes Brown was suspended last year, university officials connected his suspension to an incident where Brown is accused of “shoving a Baltimore police officer who visited the College Park campus as part of a shooting investigation.” It turns out, however, that there was more to the story than that.

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that “a loaded handgun, bag of ammunition and drug paraphernalia” were seized from Brown’s campus dorm room last summer.

The warrant return shows police found a .22 caliber revolver with no serial number that was loaded with three rounds, a plastic bag with 15 rounds of .380 caliber ammunition, a "scale with suspected [drug] residue," and drug "packaging material."

Brown was under investigation for his involvement in a number of crimes associated with the “Black Guerrilla Family” gang in Baltimore. According to the Sun, after the confrontation with the officer on campus, Brown told police that he “drove the shooter away from the scene last June” before officers found the .22 caliber gun in his dorm room.

The 20-year-old Brown, who has since returned to the football team, has not been charged for his connection with the shooting, which was nonfatal, or for the items seized from his room. Additionally, the Sun is reporting that the charges associated with Brown shoving the officer have been dropped.

Per the Sun:

Prince George's County prosecutors determined that Brown's arrest last July and the subsequent search of his room didn't pass legal muster. While prosecutors had approved the search warrant, and it was signed by a judge, prosecutors later determined that some of the information that formed the basis for issuing the warrant had been improperly obtained and that Brown could not be charged in connection with the search.

Brown was suspended by the school last August and missed the entire 2013 season. After the fall semester, Brown rejoined the team after completing community service and fulfilling “other certain criteria.”

The University released a statement concerning its reasoning for readmitting Brown and allowing him to rejoin the football team.

The University of Maryland conducted a thorough investigation in cooperation with law enforcement officials. Based on that investigation and in accord with the guidelines set forth in the Student Code of Conduct, a suspension was issued. Since that time, Wes Brown has met specific criteria to qualify for reinstatement.

Brown’s attorney, Jason A. Shapiro, said that his client is working hard to turn his life around.

“He’s been through an awful lot,” Shapiro said. “At a young age, he has had to rebuild his entire life and fight his way out of unjust charges and he’s on a path now where he is keeping good company and working on the football field and in the classroom.”

Brown was a Rivals four-star recruit in the Class of 2012 and ran for 382 yards and two touchdowns as a freshman.

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