Police: Philip Nelson was mad about bouncer flirting with girlfriend before alleged assault

Former Minnesota quarterback Philip Nelson leaves the Blue Earth Co jail with a towel on his head after posting $20,000 bail in his assault case stemming from a fight outside a bar that left another former football player in critical condition with head injuries, in Mankato, Minn, Monday, May 12, 2014. Authorities say Nelson kicked Isaac Dallas Kolstad, 24, in the head after another man punched and knocked him to the ground early Sunday as bars were closing in Mankato. (AP Photo/The Star Tribune, Richard Tsong-Taatarii)

Former Minnesota and Rutgers QB Philip Nelson was mad about a bouncer at a Mankato, Minn. bar kissing his girlfriend's hand before he allegedly assaulted former Minnesota State Mankato LB Isaac Kolstad.

NJ.com obtained the criminal complaint from the incident Monday afternoon and in it, Nelson's girlfriend told police that the QB is very protective of her and a neurosurgeon interviewed by police says he isn't optimistic about Kolstad's recovery.

On Tuesday, Rutgers dismissed Nelson from the program. He transferred to the Scarlet Knights from Minnesota following the 2013 season.

In the complaint, Nelson's girlfriend said the two left the bar and saw Kolstad, who was listed in critical condition on Monday, outside about 2 a.m. Kolstad, 24, is a different person than the bouncer.

From NJ.com:

Nelson and Kolstad, a former Minnesota State-Mankato football player, had a "heated" verbal exchange and were separated, according to witnesses. A police officer that viewed surveillance footage reported that Kolstad threw a punch that hit Nelson in the back, which forced Nelson to fall to the ground.

Kolstad began to move away and an unknown male ran after him. The unknown male delivered a punch to Kolstad's head/face. Kolstad immediately went limp and collapsed to the pavement. Witnesses told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that Kolstad was out on his feet after the first punch, then fell back and smacked his head on the pavement before Nelson allegedly kicked him.

Nelson's girlfriend is seen on security video trying to hold him back before the alleged kick and police said Kolstad was defenseless as he was on the ground. Police said Tuesday afternoon they took the second suspect, Trevor Stenner Shelley, into custody Monday night.

Dr. Dominic Cannella, a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic, told police Monday that Kolstad has a severe head injury and severe pulmonary injury. He said he isn't sure Kolstad will survive and said doctors were taking the situation "hour-by-hour."

Kolstad is listed in the complaint as having bleeding of the brain, brain swelling, brain shifting and deterioration of the lungs from a lack of oxygen. On Sunday evening, Kolstad's father posted on CaringBridge.org that his son had sustained permanent brain damage in the incident.

Nelson is charged with a count of first-degree assault and a count of third-degree assault. Both are felonies. According to his lawyer, Nelson was not the aggressor in the incident.

He threw for 1,306 yards, nine touchdowns and six interceptions in 2013 while splitting time with Mitch Leidner.

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