The College Football Playoff selection committee will be 12-18 members, though it hasn’t been decided yet

As we start to savor the final season of the BCS before the four-team College Football Playoff begins next season, BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock says calls are still being made to prospective members to join the selection committee to choose those four teams.

"We're making progress on the selection committee," Hancock said Wednesday. "Though we're not finished. I'm in the process of making calls to prospective committee members and it's going quite well. Everything is on target -- we've got a lot more talking to do and it's going to take a while and that's why we don't have a deadline. So it's really too soon to say when we'll be finished, but we all feel good about where we are."

Well, next season is the deadline, as the committee would obviously need to be in place before the season begins. Hancock said it would consist of 12-18 members, larger than the selection committee for basketball.

Hancock didn't dismiss using metrics and analytics for the selection, he said that the committee would have lots of data about all the teams at their disposal to help with their decision making, though there would not be a central metric that's used to grade teams. That's a departure from the BCS selection process which has computer polls as an integral part of the formula.

"At the end of the day, I think human decisions have to be a part part of things like the college football playoff. There's just no way -- and we knew this in basketball -- that any computer can tell you that the power forward had a headache when the team lost, that the left tackle had finals or mid-terms coming up that week and was not as focused as he should have been. While I think we'll metrics grow in importance, I think the human factor will still be the critical element, certainly for us in college football."

Keep your cell phones tight, everyone. Maybe Hancock will be giving you a call in the near future to ask about your interest in being a member of the committee. He he does, it's your duty to college football bureaucracy to accept.

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