Planking gives ‘board’ college football players an offseason pastime


It's become the latest pastime of college football players this offseason, who are bored and looking for some attention on Twitter.

What is planking?

Well, it's the act of lying face down, expressionless, with your arms and legs extended. And here's the kicker; it has to be done in a weird place so that it attracts attention.

Hey, it beats selling merchandise for tattoos.

So far, two college football players have successfully managed to plank for attention using their Twitter pages. Nebraska senior wide receiver Brandon Kinnie (@BKinnie84) and Florida redshirt freshman defensive end Lynden Trail (@LyndenTrail85) have gained quite a following for their planking exploits. Kinnie (see top photo) has the most daring picture of the two while planking on top of a basketball hoop. He's also been seen planking at the bottom of a pool and on top of a car.

Trail is more about planking around the city of Gainesville, which is more in the spirit of planking, which encourages the act to be done in a public place. While he has several photos ranging from the Gators training room to some bike rack to the top of a mini bulldozer, my favorite Trail planking picture has got to be over the shopping cart at the local Wal-Mart.

While this might seem like a waste of time -- OK, let's be honest, it is a waste of time -- it also takes a degree of strength and agility to be able to do some of these planks. The ones where Kinnie and Trail are balancing on small objects are no doubt the toughest.

Trail, who has gained hundreds of Twitter followers the past couple days because of his antics, had this to say on Twitter about his planking:


But Trail also has an ulterior motive. He's hoping that the publicity of his planking will inspire coach Will Muschamp to plank with him.

Graham Watson is a regular contributor to Dr. Saturday. Follow her on Twitter: @Yahoo_Graham

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