Pizza delivery guy claims wife of Ohio State’s defensive coordinator got him fired

Even though Ohio State is 6-0 this season, there's always going to be criticism from the Buckeye faithful.

However, one faithful fan needed to pick his spot better and not criticize the team to the wife of defensive coordinator Luke Fickell.

Amy Fickell, Luke's wife, called Iacono's Pizza in Shawnee Hills, Ohio, to order some dinner and the delivery driver, a Columbus State Community College student who asked not to be identified (but, oddly, appeared on camera), made a joke about the Buckeyes' defense, which, incidentally, ranks 10th in the Big Ten in total defense.

"I said, we really should improve on our tackling because it's really bad right now and she had laughed," the delivery guy told Fox28.

Oh, she laughed all right. Laughed the kind of laugh of a woman who could get a pizza guy fired.

And that's what unnamed-but-seen-pizza-delivery guy said she did.

After hanging up with young unidentified pizza guy, Amy Fickell — allegedly — called the manager of Iacono's and complained about the comment. She also may or may not have mentioned that she was not a fan of jokes and/or fun. Witty pizza guy turned into sad pizza guy the next day when he was informed he was fired for making a joke about Ohio State.

"He said that she had called and complained and said that she would never order pizza because she felt that I was like belittling her almost," the delivery guy said.

"If you can't take criticism, in a joking manner, too, from someone who's a fan? That's just, like, a little bit ridiculous. It was a joke! It was like 'Let's do better, guys.'"

Better for the Fickell's is watching unemployed pizza boy struggle to pay his college tuition and rent this month.

Ohio State did say, in statement obtained by the Toledo Blade, that Amy Fickell didn't complain to the owner, which is a contradiction to what misremembering pizza boy said during his on-camera interview, and that the family "feel[s] terrible that this person lost his job."

"The manager found out about the incident. The manager called the Fickells. Just like they did not place a call to complain, they also did not ask that anyone be fired. All they did was order pizza."

I wonder if the Fickell's feel bad enough to call the owner of Iacono's pizza and get sorry-but-taking-his-story-public pizza guy his job back?

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