Pick a winner: SEC music video throwdown

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As the offseason winds to a close, anxious fans are channeling their excitement into a variety of - well, we’ll say inspired - YouTube videos. Perhaps thinking that they need to dominate on the internet like they do in the BCS title games, SEC fans have put in a lot effort into tribute songs. Let’s take a look at a few recent entries and pick a champion.


Best Lyric: A tie between “A Yellowhammer State sweet home addiction” and ”Every dog in the state is named Bear or Bo,” because I have a soft spot for state nicknames, Skynyrd and canines.

Worst Lyric: “It’s a rivalry that rivals the north and south” This seems like it could start wandering into Brad Paisley/LL Cool J territory and that is a place none of us want to go. Also, avoid the repetition of “rivals” and “rivalry” within the same line. There are also a bunch of lines which do not rhyme, maybe only 40 words used in the entire song and, as Nate Scott at FTW points out, the whole issue about who this song is for, exactly?


Best Lyric: “That’s what you get when Woo Pig raised you” because it made me laugh out loud imagining Wu Tang hanging out an Arkansas game. “Look at our head coach walkin’/ little bit of humble, little trash talkin’” is pretty nice, too. Bonus points for getting “American Idol” winner Kris Allen (an Arkansas native) and former Hogs quarterback Matt Jones involved. I also kind of love the soft “Wooooo pig” before the chorus kicks in.

Worst Lyric: “Bret take us to a BCS bowl and beyond” either makes perfect sense (they’re talking about the playoffs that begin after the 2014 season) or they’re implying the Razorbacks could beat the Jaguars, or whatever else is beyond. Otherwise, these are some very decent lyrics, save for a few slant rhymes thrown in.


The Butch Jones Song, which we covered in full earlier this week. Notable for its commitment to multiple characters (Butch Jones and Alabama Fan #1) and cathartic verses dedicated to Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley. It is also bonkers crazy.


If we’re allowed to go back a few months, here is David Richt's Dawgs anthem:

Best Lyric: There is no best lyric here, so I’m going to cheat and say the most positive thing about this video is Best Dad in the World Mark Richt dancing with his son at the 59-second mark.

Worst Lyric: The chorus is awful, and the whole thing is reminiscent of Freekbass (not a compliment, if that’s unclear). The rap at the beginning is bordering on almost not terrible but it is definitely not good. This is a musical abomination.


THE WINNER: It goes to Arkansas and “Never Yield” by a wide margin. It’s not surprising, as Hogs fans have been very active on YouTube for a while now. I’m still not sure any of these dethrone the likely forever SEC YouTube Champ, “Colonel Reb is Cryin,” but a great effort from all involved.

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