Photo: Ohio State tries a new way to rattle its kicker

Urban Meyer opened Ohio State spring practice Saturday to the joy of about 3,100 fans who crammed into the Buckeyes indoor facility after the event was moved from the Shoe. It seemed like a fun event. Fans got to hear a speech from Meyer, mingle with the players and best of all, give kicker Drew Basil a little more to think about during field goal practice.

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According to Ohio State writer Tony Gerdeman, Basil said had he been hitting a tee shot in a similar situation, he would have been much more worried about hitting someone.

I figure if you can make a field goal with 3,100 fans and all of your teammates staring at you from about 10 feet away, then making a game-winning kick in a big game should be no problem.

Hmmm, maybe Boise State should start practicing this way.

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H/T to Tony Gerdeman for sharing the photos

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