Photo: Lane Kiffin gives Oregon motivation

We've all heard of bulletin board material; an opposing player or coach says something about the competition that is used as a motivational tool for an upcoming game.

Well, Chip Kelly has put an interesting spin on the type of opposing quotes he posts in the Oregon football offices. According to @FootballScoop, Kelly took a 2010 quote from USC coach Lane Kiffin and made a sign for all to see. However, it's not the type of quote you might have expected from one of the Ducks' rivals.

The sign reads: "'It's a great offense, and as I said leading up to the game, maybe one of the best to ever play college football.' -- Lane Kiffin, USC head coach."

Yeah, it's a compliment. A really nice compliment. A compliment that should make Oregon feel proud of what it has accomplished offensively during Kelly's tenure.

And perhaps that's why it's on the wall.

Or maybe it's on the wall because the Trojans defeated Oregon 38-35 and cost the Ducks a shot at the national championship.

This isn't the only sign in the Oregon athletic department that mentions another Pac-12 team. There are also signs that stress, "No food, no drinks, no beavers."

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H/T to Football Scoop and its Pac-12 tour.

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