Penn State turning ‘White Out’ to ‘Blue Out’ for abuse victims

Dr. Saturday

The "white out" that was originally planned for Penn State's senior day game against Nebraska on Saturday has been changed to a "blue out" thanks to a student movement that is helping raise finds and awareness to prevent child abuse.

The change is in direct response to the allegations levied against former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, who was caught molesting a young boy in the Penn State locker room showers in 2002 and has since been charged with 40 counts of child sexual misconduct.

Through a Facebook page, students advertised the selling of official blue out T-shirts that read: "Stop Child Abuse, Blue Out Nebraska" at local retailer McLanahan's for $9.99. All proceeds for the shirts, after costs, will go to Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania.

"In addition to being the color of our team's home game jerseys, blue represents the color of bruises that have too often been neglected," the school said in a Facebook post. "Let's make national news for our collective actions to show solidarity with both the victims and our fellow classmates on the field."

However, while students are trying to make a quiet statement regarding their indignation over the allegations, the infamous Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest in front of the stadium from 10 a.m. to kickoff at noon. With an already tense crowd reeling from the firing of coach Joe Paterno, some students things could get ugly, especially with alcohol involved.

"It's just really sad, all of it," Allen Vickers, 21, a senior from South Jersey, told the Philadelphia Daily News. "There's gonna be violence."

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