Penn State takes Matt McGloin off media lineup after controversial comments

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Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin meets with the media during every week, which isn't surprising. Most quarterbacks regularly meet the media.

But last Saturday, McGloin sounded off on a controversial call that cost the Nittany Lions a touchdown at Nebraska, and his midweek availability was scrapped.

According to, Penn State put McGloin off limits this week:

"I choose what players to talk to the media every week, and I just chose for him to not be on that list," coach Bill O'Brien said.

He added: "At the end of the day, it's a free country and Matt can say what he wants, and that's what he did. He's an emotional kid but, look, it's time to move on to Indiana and that's it."

The comments that caused him to be off limits came after a loss to Nebraska. During the game, Penn State appeared to score a touchdown, but it was ruled a fumble, and shockingly, the call wasn't reversed after a replay review. McGloin made some comments after the game that were a pretty clear reference to the offseason scandals that led to NCAA sanctions at Penn State.

"We're not gonna get that call here," McGloin said. "We're not gonna get that call ever, actually, against any team. Doesn't matter who the refs are. We'll never get that call."

The media ban seems to be an overreaction. McGloin is a senior, appears to be smart enough to handle himself in the public eye. In fact, he might have wanted the chance to clarify his comments, apologize, reaffirm that he meant what he said -- whatever he wanted to say. McGloin is mature enough to handle that.

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