Penn State and Georgia State are hosting a football camp together in Georgia

Nick Bromberg
Penn State and Georgia State are hosting a football camp together in Georgia

Penn State is going to get a chance to evaluate some Georgia prospects up-close.

The Nittany Lions are hosting a camp in Georgia in conjunction with Georgia State at the GSU campus on June 10. Why is it noteworthy? Well, because teams can't host a camp outside of its own state or within a 50-mile radius if campus is located on the border of a state. Penn State obviously doesn't fit the criteria above.

However, there's an NCAA loophole that allows schools to partner with other programs. Georgia State is an FBS school, but obviously isn't on the same tier as Penn State. GSU isn't going for the same prospects Penn State does.

The Panthers were 0-12 last year in the Sun Belt Conference.

“I don’t worry about being overshadowed by anybody — that’s just not a concern,” Georgia State coach Trent Miles told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. “(Penn State head coach James Franklin's) ego is not that way, and my ego is not that way.

“We’re not going to recruit the same person, you know? There’s no way. The Sun Belt doesn’t recruit against Penn State. Let’s face it: I’m not competing for kids against Penn State, or Georgia and Alabama. I’m just not. Nor will we ever. It is what it is."

Why would Franklin make the move? Probably because of his familiarity with the area and Penn State's lack of it. The Nittany Lions have had one Georgia recruit in the past three recruiting classes while Franklin had 13 in the same span at Vanderbilt.

Georgia has developed into a very good state for high school football talent, and it's only natural that Franklin would want to leverage his connections as he moves north. Especially if he can go after players other Big Ten schools aren't. Plus, Georgia State can get access to recruits it may not normally get a chance to pursue.

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