Paul Ryan mistakes Brandon Weeden for Colt McCoy and we all have a good laugh about it

Paul Ryan might be a hiker and marathon-runner extraordinaire, but no one would confuse him for a college football aficionado.

Still, he keeps finding himself in positions where he tries to display that (lack of) football knowledge and it ends up being an embarrassing moment.

On Wednesday, while campaigning in Ohio, the Republican vice presidential nominee decided to stop by Cleveland Browns practices and give the boys a pep talk. He singled out quarterback Brandon Weeden and talked about how much he enjoyed watching him play at Oklahoma State.

He got the quarterback and the team right; the only problem was that as Ryan was praising Weeden, he was pointing to backup quarterback Colt McCoy, who went to Texas.


Here's how Browns linebacker Scott Fujita described the episode on Twitter:

When Ryan realized his mistake, he quickly apologized and everyone had a good laugh.

"You always had your helmet on," Ryan told Weeden.

My money is on one of Ryan's advisors telling him something about Weeden on the car ride over and then telling him he was one of the guys with the red jersey. Hey, at least Ryan didn't mistake Weeden for former Duke quarterback Thaddeus Lewis. Now that would have made a great story.

This isn't this first time Ryan has had an awkward moment with a college football team. Ryan tried to give a pep talk to his Alma mater Miami-Ohio prior to what would be a thrashing at the hands of Ohio State. Needless to say, the pep talk was more out of Animal House than Any Given Sunday.

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