Paul Johnson is tweeting now? #BelieveIt, he says

Dr. Saturday

Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson isn't the most outgoing coach in college football.

Abrasive has been used to describe him. Curmudgeon isn't a bad one either. He's not the kind of coach you'd expect to jump on social media and start tweeting goofy things like Les Miles.

Well, hold the phone.

After four upbeat tweets from a new @GTPaulJohnson account, even Johnson understood the humor in people disbelieving that it was actually him on Twitter.

With that tweet he included the picture at the top of the post, with "#BelieveIt." Pretty funny, and it shows a side of Johnson we don't see too often. Probably will make it easier for him to get that blue "verified" checkmark on Twitter.

Mostly what it proves is that all coaches are going to be on social media at some point. Almost all of their potential recruits are now, so it seems obvious they would need to be too if they want to connect with them. No matter how much being on Twitter or Facebook doesn't really suit their personality.

Your move, Nick Saban.

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