Gary Patterson vows TCU will never help SMU again – and SMU seems just fine with that

Gary Patterson is making the crosstown TCU-SMU rivalry interesting and relevant again.

During his Tuesday press conference, Patterson raged about SMU and C-USA officials after his team fell 40-33 in overtime to the Mustangs, the Horned Frogs first loss to their crosstown rivals since 2005.

"SMU people have been looking down at TCU people for a long time," Patterson said during his press conference. "The older [fans] and alumni around here had a certain feeling about SMU. I didn't have that feeling, but I'm getting it."

According to Patterson, not only did SMU players come over to the TCU sidelines after the game to taunt his players, SMU coach June Jones also said in his postgame press conference that TCU doesn't ever change what does during games. Patterson took issue with both things, but especially Jones' comments.

"June Jones said we never change," Patterson said. "I think June Jones is 1-8 against TCU since he was at Hawaii (and SMU). I don't think he's changed that much either."

Patterson was so enraged by SMU's conduct — the same team that just put tickets for its final four home games on sale for $40.33 to commemorate the TCU win — that he vowed never to "help" the Mustangs again.

"Don't look for any help coming from us ever again," GP said. "SMU got a lot of help from us over the last three or four years. They are not going to get any help about a game or a conference; they are going to get no help from Gary Patterson. Don't ask me about anything. We've bent over backwards to help them because that's what I believe in.

"You didn't hear me say anything in 2005 after they beat us and (then coach) Phil Bennett said 'TC-Who?' All I know is I can name the three losses (against SMU) in 14 years."{YSP:MORE}

When asked about officiating, Patterson was equally as petulant with no regard to a possible fine for criticizing Conference USA officials. Patterson said he could name "six to eight" calls that were missed and that those calls had a direct impact on the outcome of the game.

Patterson said he was waiting for an official statement from Conference USA commissioner Britton Banowsky, who called TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte to acknowledge the missed calls. No such statement has been released.

"It sounds like sour grapes, and it's not. The whole complexion of the game changed. The explanation I got (from the refs during the game) was not good. The bottom line is we all get paid to do our jobs and it was a terrible job. I've got their names and they won't come back here again."

Even though it sounds like Patterson doesn't want to continue TCU's rivalry game with SMU beyond next year's meeting, it might be inevitable with the Big East looking at SMU as a possible travel partner for the Horned Frogs.

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