Pat Fitzgerald answers reporters phone during a press conference then is disappointed when he switches recorders the following day

Dr. Saturday

This is an important week for the Northwestern football program with Saturday’s primetime contest with Ohio State creeping closer, but that didn’t stop NU head coach Pat Fitzgerald from having a lighthearted moment at his Monday press conference when a reporter’s phone rang as he spoke.

Fitzgerald politely answered and told the caller he’d have to call back, before ending the call with a “Go ‘Cats,” as laughter rang out in the media room.

Many reporters use their iPhone's to record press conferences. This particular reporter must have forgotten to put his or her phone on “airplane mode,” because the call went through. Rookie mistake.

At least the Northwestern reporter’s phone was on vibrate. The reporter whose phone went off during Youngstown State coach Eric Wolford’s press conference last week blasted a Dave Matthews Band ringtone, interrupting the coach.

On Tuesday, the offending Northwestern reporter came to practice with an actual recorder much to the chagrin of Fitzgerald.

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