P. Diddy stars in Justin Combs first game with UCLA (VIDEO)

Not too many people would turn their son's first collegiate game into a publicity stunt for themselves, but then again, they're not Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.

Combs' label Bad Boy Entertainment chronicled the first game of young cornerback Justin Combs. However, since Justin is redshirting this season and the most action he saw was standing on the sideline, the entire three-minute video is P. Diddy talking about the experience of sitting in a suite and watching his son stand on the sideline.

It was riveting.

Now, I get that he's proud. No one should begrudge him for that. By why the video? Justin Combs has already gotten more pub than any redshirt in the history of redshirts simply because of his father. Maybe wait to do the video when he's actually on the field for a snap and make it about his life on the field and not off it.

And is that Kid or Play at the end of the video? Nebraska fans must be proud.

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