Oregon has new uniforms this week (of course), and a video trailer for them

Dr. Saturday

Oregon brings out new uniforms every week, and not only are the Ducks trying to be creative with the uniforms themselves, they're trying to raise the bar on announcing them every week.

Usually the uniform pictures are released on Twitter, sometimes the day of, sometimes a day or two before to create some buzz. This week there is a full video trailer, posted to YouTube by Nike's account for American football.

The video shows the various aspects of the Chain Maille Mesh design (whatever that is) and basically is just a 48-second commercial for the new white uniforms that the Ducks will wear at USC. We really were hoping to see Tom Cruise rappeling down from a ceiling wearing the uniform Mission: Impossible style, but maybe that comes next week.

As always, we wait to see what Oregon has planned next, not just in what uniforms it'll come up with next, but how it will announce them.

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