Oregon's season tickets to feature the scratch-and-sniff scent of burger buns

Oregon's season tickets to feature the scratch-and-sniff scent of burger buns

Do you smell bread in the oven? Possibly. The smell could also be Oregon's 2014 season tickets.

The school known for its flashy uniform combinations is breaking out scented tickets for this season. All season tickets will have a scratch-and-sniff marker that smells like hamburger buns. Seriously.

The hamburger icon is sponsored by Carl's Jr. If you're wondering why it's bun-scented instead of burger-scented, the chain is highlighting its bread and Craig Pintens, Oregon's senior associate athletic director for marketing, told Yahoo Sports that "the burger scent doesn't translate real well on scratch-and-sniff."

According to Pintens, the school had been kicking around the idea of scratch-and-sniff tickets for a couple of years. It had discussed tickets based off a scents of Autzen Stadium theme, but since there was no signature smell or a signature smell could be different for each person, the team ultimately went in the direction of food.

And given that it's Oregon, it's only natural that the school would try something like this. While it's certainly an out-of-the-box idea and relatively unexpected, it'd be much more unforeseen if a school like Notre Dame or Penn State unveiled scratch-and-sniff tickets.

Each season-ticket has the same burger bun smell. While it was possible to have a different smell on each ticket, the resulting combination of smells wouldn't have been incredibly palatable.

And while people wondered all Thursday morning what scented tickets at other schools could smell like, Stanford used it as an opportunity to boast about consecutive Rose Bowl appearances. The Cardinal have beaten Oregon in each of those seasons too.

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