Oregon introduces the ‘Quack Cave’ to prove big brother is always watching

The Oregon football team is consistently one of the best teams in the Pac-12, including winning three straight conference titles. But winning isn't enough for Oregon, now it wants to be trending, too.

Welcome to the "Quack Cave," the freshly launched social media hub of the athletic department. From this command center, the program will be able to launch, monitor and troubleshoot any of the issues stemming from its social media platforms. Not since Gordon Bombay took over the District 9 hockey team has anything related to quacking been so cool.

"We have an ever-growing, technically savvy fan base that's deeply passionate about the Ducks, and the Quack Cave will allow us to connect and respond to them in a personal and unique way," Andy McNamara, assistant director of media services for the football program, said in a statement.

Much like its constant presence near the top of the polls, Oregon also ranks highly in terms of social media, with the seventh-largest combined Facebook and Twitter following in the NCAA. Designed by two Oregon graduate students studying interior design, the "Quack Cave" will allow the program to interact with fans in a deeper, more responsive level.

The cave and its monitoring functions will be the responsibility of Oregon students working for the athletic department. They will see and interact with fans across multiple social media platforms.

"We want to be able to engage with our fans at an unparalleled level and monitor what is one of the top brands in college athletics," said Craig Pintens, the senior associate athletic director at Oregon.

"But the most exciting part of the Quack Cave is collaborating with University of Oregon students, where we can provide real-world experience with a top brand in a burgeoning area of public relations."

No word on the bill for the "Quack Cave," but we're sure that Oregon fans won't get their feathers ruffled over the new attention being paid in real time to their tweets and Facebook posts.


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