Oregon’s Duck teaches us all about “Gangnam Style”

The college football season kicks of in just a few hours, so if you're looking for something to entertain you until then, I suggest watching this a few times.

I've already watched it twice.

Shocker that Oregon is the first university to come out with a "Gangnam Style" video (that incorporates the mascot). It's not like that university is big into trendsetting or anything like that. And I love that The Duck dedicated the video to Kevin Bacon. What?

Earlier on Thursday, I tweeted that the first college player to get a penalty (and probably be benched) while doing the "Gangnam Style" dance after a touchdown or a really awesome tackle would immediately make the blog and have my adoration until the end of time.

And if you have absolutely no idea what "Gangnam Style" is, I've added the original video below.

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