One year anniversary of Joe Paterno’s death to be marked by candlelight vigil

Next Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary of Joe Paterno's death. A group is planning a large candlelight vigil to honor the former Penn State coach.

The group, which is called Inspiration Way and is a tribute to Paterno, plans to light 409 candles according to the Associated Press - one for every win Paterno had, before the NCAA stripped 111 wins.

Here's the advertisement from Inspiration Way's Facebook page:

Paterno died last Jan. 22, at age 85, of lung cancer.

Celebrating Paterno's legacy is complicated because it's impossible to separate the good aspects from the Jerry Sandusky scandal and whatever role Paterno had in it. The vigil seems to be an attempt to focus on the positive things Paterno did in his long life, on the anniversary of his death.

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