Are you one of the 42 percent that would take college football tickets over Thanksgiving dinner?

Dr. Saturday

College football or Thanksgiving? Thankfully, most of us don't have to make that choice and can watch Texas and Texas Tech and Ole Miss and Mississippi State Thursday evening as our bellies are full of turkey, dressing and pie.

But if you did have to choose between tickets to a college football game and Thanksgiving dinner with your family, what are you picking? According to a poll by Rasmussen Reports, 42 percent of those asked would take the tickets if they were on the 50-yard-line.

The poll also asked respondents what their favorite team is, but it's unclear if these hypothetical tickets are for your favorite team. The guess here is yes, because even if you like college football more than is healthy, we hope you're not turning down Thanksgiving dinner for tickets to Western Michigan and Miami (OH). That's sadistic.

55 percent took the Thanksgiving dinner with their families.

On that favorite team question? Well, it looked eerily like the top five for most of the season. Is college football full of a bunch of bandwagoners? The most popular team was Alabama at 49 percent, while 14 percent said they were Florida State fans and 8 percent were Ohio State fans. Hmm... I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that those three teams are undefeated.

The two teams behind Ohio State? Baylor, Oregon and Stanford. Looks like we have two subsets of "fun offense" there with the counter-culture set picking Stanford, the perfect antidote to both.

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