Oklahoma State’s indoor practice facility has aircraft hangar doors (Video)

Dr. Saturday

It has been common in recent years for football programs to showcase what they have to offer in terms of facilities with nicely-assembled YouTube videos. It is definitely a useful recruiting tool and a great way to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of a Division I program.

Oklahoma State took advantage of this by showcasing its 92,000 square-foot practice facility. Athletic director Mike Holder gives a brief tour and shows viewers both the indoor and outdoor fields.

The indoor facility is particularly impressive, with Holder even added that “if you wanted to play a game in here, you could.”

To me, the thing that stood out most about the indoor facility were the AIRCRAFT HANGAR DOORS (!!!) that make the walls disappear. That is so cool.

Holder said those were installed for ventilation and that it gives players easier access to two outdoor natural grass fields. You can’t help but be impressed at what has to be one of the nicest facilities in the country.

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H/T Football Scoop

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