Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy responds to question about Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury being a ‘heartthrob’

Kliff Kingsbury’s looks have become quite the hot topic with media and fans this season.

But apparently, the coaches are in tune to the conversation, as well.

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy was asked about Texas Tech’s first-year head coach and he didn’t seem fazed by the line of questioning.

“He’s considered a heartthrob,” a reporter asked regarding Kingsbury. “You’re probably past your heartthrob days, but were you ever considered one?”

“I would have liked to have been,” Gundy said regarding being considered a heartthrob.

Then added: “When you make as much money as he does and you’re single, a lot of people probably consider you a heartthrob.”

Gundy also said he knew Kingsbury was single this summer, but wasn’t sure whether he was single now.

Wow to the question and wow to the response.

The best part was that Gundy didn’t skip a beat. When the question was asked, other media members laughed but Gundy just rolled with it.

Kingsbury’s resemblance to actor Ryan Gosling has been well documented by most sports sites and even E! Entertainment television. From a football perspective, he’s coached the Red Raiders to a 7-1 record heading into this week's game with Cowboys and has done it with a fiery, but positive, attitude to which his players seem to respond.

This week, Kingsbury is trying to inspire his team by hanging up the Number “98” all around the team’s locker room. The number represents the margin Oklahoma State has beaten the Red Raiders in the past two seasons.

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