Oklahoma’s Quentin Hayes made a great interception off a tip on the sidelines (Video)

Dr. Saturday

In a play that was almost the reverse of what happened when the New England Patriots played the Miami Dolphins a few weeks ago, Oklahoma's Quentin Hayes interepted a pass after a deflection while tiptoeing on the sideline.

The first quarter pass initially looked like it was going to fall right in Stanvon Taylor's lap, but he bobbled the ball and it shot towards Hayes, whose momentum was carrying him towards the sidelines. However, he was able to stop and stay in bounds and catch the ball.

Three weeks ago, New England's Devin McCourty tipped the ball as he was falling out of bounds to Marquice Cole, who secured the ball for the pick.

Aside from the interception, Oklahoma struggled in the first half against Iowa State. However, the Sooners scored 38 unanswered points after halftime to win 48-10.

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