Oklahoma assistant takes shot at Nick Saban's support for 10-second rule on Twitter

Oklahoma assistant takes shot at Nick Saban's support for 10-second rule on Twitter

Coaches are going to be using Nick Saban's reported support for the 10-second defensive substitution proposal against him for a long time.

Oklahoma assistant coach Cale Gundy tweeted a picture of a newspaper story about the withdrawal of the rule proposal with a shot at Saban. He deleted the tweet shortly thereafter, but Saturday Down South was able to get a screenshot.

Oklahoma beat Alabama 45-31 in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 2. Since Bob Stoops' arrival at Oklahoma, the Sooners have been one of the nation's faster-paced teams and made a point to accelerate the tempo against the Crimson Tide in New Orleans. Oklahoma ran nine more plays than Alabama despite having the ball for a minute less.

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Saban's Alabama teams have ranked near the bottom of plays-per-game in recent seasons. Despite saying he didn't feel coaches should be voting on the proposal -- and later using a cigarette comparison when talking about uptempo offenses -- Saban was reported to be in the room when the 10-second proposal was discussed and pitched as a rule change in the name of player safety. However, with a lack of data supporting the rule change, it was pulled from consideration on March 5, a day before it was set to be voted on.

Gundy, a former OU quarterback who is now the running backs coach, later tweeted an apology for his deleted tweet, but that was deleted too.










Maybe he was fearing retribution from this Alabama fan?


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