It’s OK, Maryland: Randy Edsall says it’s a rebuilding year

When Randy Edsall was hired as Maryland's coach in January, he called Maryland his "dream job." Apparently, he thought his dream job might also be a rebuilding project.

During his Sunday teleconference — after losing 31-13 to Virginia, the team's fifth consecutive loss — Edsall told media he's not in new territory with the Terps 2-7 season.

"I've been through this before," Edsall said. "I know how to handle it. I know what to do. There is no panic. It was like this the first year when we put the team together in Jacksonville. ... It's Connecticut all over again, 13 years ago. Jacksonville Jaguars all over again. It's going to Boston College when we were there. I've been through all of this. This isn't earth-shattering. It doesn't have me discouraged. I have a vision of what we're going to do and I know we're doing things the right way."

Wait, what?

I get that Edsall's trying to show he had initial struggles at some of his former stops and that each of those teams was able to turn things around, but he's going about it all wrong.

When Edsall took over at UConn, the Huskies were transitioning from an FCS to FBS team. The Jacksonville Jaguars were an expansion team in the NFL. Boston College had endured four losing seasons prior to Tom Coughlin and his staff, which included Edsall, arriving in 1991.

None of those instances are applicable to Maryland.

It's easy, after watching the Terps play this season, to forget they were 9-4 last season. In fact, former coach Ralph Friedgen was 75-50 with the Terps and in his 10 years only had four losing seasons and only one season with less than five wins.

Edsall is already on his way to matching that mark. With just three games remaining, Maryland is already assured of a losing season and with all three games against teams with winning records, a 2-10 campaign is not out of the realm of possibility.

But like Edsall said, he's been here before. While the situations he referenced might not be applicable, he does have experience getting teams out of holes and turning them around - even if this hole is of his own digging.

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