Ohio State won’t even acknowledge Michigan by name on its 12-0 rings

The fact that Michigan went out of their way to get a non-contact jersey for quarterback Devin Gardner from Oregon State, which isn't even affiliated with the same apparel company that pays the Wolverines, just to avoid wearing Ohio State red was pretty good.

But Ohio State took the whole "We will avoid everything associated with our rivals" to another level with its recently made rings.

Whether or not you think Ohio State should have made rings for a season in which it didn't win a conference championship or bowl game is your choice, but when we wrote about them the other day, we had just seen the top of the rings.

One of the side panels, shown on a picture tweeted by offensive lineman Taylor Decker (check out the undefeated season watches, too), provides a pretty funny dig.

Ohio State beat Michigan 26-21 to finish its 12-0 season last year, and put the score on the rings.

"OSU 26, TUN 21"

Here's a closer look:

For the uninitiated, that "TUN" stands for "Team Up North." Shortened from the more popular "That Team Up North" used in Columbus. This isn't new at Ohio State, considering they use the term on their schedule in the football building and on a photo collage commemorating last year's win. Now it's set forever on the rings.

It's not like Michigan isn't preoccupied with its rival as well. ESPN's Brett McMurphy tweeted this photo from the Wolverines indoor practice facility:

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