Ohio State vehiclegate: Pryor gets his license reinstated

It's a new day, which means there's yet another new report on Terrelle Pryor.

And this one is actually good news for the embattled Ohio State quarterback.

Pryor's attorney, Larry James, said Pryor provided proof that he was insured and his driving privileges were reinstated. On Wednesday, NBC4i.com reported that Pryor's license had been suspended when he failed to produce proof of insurance after being pulled over for a stop-sign violation in February.

James said Pryor was able to provide a copy of the insurance that was in place at the time of the stop and the Ohio Department of Public Safety reinstated his license.

I hate to be Naysayer Nancy here, but if he had the insurance all along why didn't he just go to the Ohio Department of Public Safety and get his license back? Why did it take a handful of news reports and a lawyer to get something so simple done? It's the same feeling I had about Pryor's mom suddenly coming up with a bill of sale for the 350Z her son has been driving around for more than a week. The first report about the car came out Monday and could have easily been quashed Tuesday morning with an email or a phone call. Why did it take a lawyer to get that proof to the public?

Regardless, Pryor is now free to drive around town without license ridicule, but he'll still have to face scrutiny about his automobiles -- bill of sale or not -- until the NCAA clears his name.

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