Ohio State and Michigan get feisty during pregame warmups (VIDEO)

Every year, the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry begins in the offseason when one coach starts making ridiculous comments about the other school to impress (and often humor) boosters and fans. Then the other coach hears about it and decides to make comments of his own, and suddenly, six months go by and the two teams haven't stopped talking about each other.

Lucky for us, all that smack-talk creates a boiling point so that when the two teams do actually meet on the field, things get a little nasty.

That's exactly what happened during the pregame warmups when Michigan was running out on the field past Ohio State players. There was jawing, pushing and even some swings as these two teams got in each other's faces well before they went toe-to-toe on the gridiron.
We can only hope the two teams play with similar intensity when the whistle blows.

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H/T CFBSection for the video

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