Ohio State is a huge, huge favorite to win the Big Ten’s Leaders Division

The gambling site TheGreek.com posted odds for all the division races in college football (h/t to Beyond the Bets, which has all the odds), and most are unsurprising.

Ohio State is favored to win the Big Ten Leaders Division, of course. The Buckeyes are coming off a 12-0 season, have a lot of players back and possible contender Penn State is still under NCAA sanctions.

It's not shocking that Ohio State is favored. It's the steep odds on the Buckeyes, which project them as almost a virtual lock to win the division, that are a bit startling.

Ohio State is -800, or 1-to-8, to win the division. For every $800 you put down on the Buckeyes, you'll win only $100. Put in percentage form, you'd have to believe that Ohio State has better than an 88.9 percent chance of winning its division to be getting a good value on that bet. That's pretty incredible.

It's almost impossible to find a season prediction in sports that has an 89 percent chance of coming true, but those odds do show how dominant Ohio State is compared to the rest of the division.

Wisconsin, at 3-to-1 odds, is the only real contender. The other three eligible teams in the division are Illinois, Indiana and Purdue. They're all 10-to-1 or higher to win the Leaders Division. Good luck with that.

So while 1-to-8 odds are fairly ridiculous for just about anything, we're not exactly going to encourage anyone to run up to the window and bet against Ohio State either. It seems like it's going to be a pretty boring year on that side of the Big Ten. Start making plans to be in Indianapolis this December, Buckeyes fans.

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